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Construction Management

Construction Management is one particular form of procurement and recognises the role of management as a professional function seperate from contracting. Here the Construction Manager is impartial and can be referred as the "the professional builder". It consolidates the benefits of an integrated team approach, the transparency of commercial activities and the non-confrontational attitudes it generates.

co-projects has had previous direct experience with this form of procurement and delivery.

This format combines the experience of co-projects in cost management, contract management and project management. It allows co-projects to be appointed early in the project as Construction Manager and carry through during construction.

Construction Management does require a high degree of Client involvement and may not suit all situations. It uses the same participants as any other method of procurement, however they are arranged in different duties, responsibilities and risks.

This service is restricted to allow co-projects deliver on its personalised standards.

For more information concerning this service please contact David Trinder.

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