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Progress Payments

For many projects, progress claims can be a straight forward procedure. However, often there are more complex considerations. In these circumstances co-projects has the experience and know how to ensure payment is processed in accordance with the contract requirements and in a manner that ensures the interests all the parties are appropriately protected.

Payment Disputes

With the introduction of the Construction Contracts Act 2004 there is an option for Clients, Builders and Sub-contractors to seek an Adjudication of their payment dispute. co-projects has experience in the formation of such claims and can assist you when a payment dispute may arise.


All construction projects involve change and if this area is badly managed can have an adverse affect on the project's success.

co-projects understands the procedures, preparation, assessment, negotiation and financial management of variations for the benefit of its clients.


co-projects is qualified to prepare cost analysis and regular reporting in a format that satisfies all the control needs of its clients. Through this reporting and its variation management co-projects can prepare the final accounts to close-out the project .
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